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This project was situated on a difficult, sloping site with a skeptical adjacent residential neighborhood continually involved. Many meetings with the presiding governmental entities and the neighbors were required to obtain all the necessary approvals. The building was shaped and crafted to fit the site and the needs of all involved. Like the projects in Strasburg and Lakewood, The Lexington is consistently full. It too was designed and constructed on time and within the project budget.

The revolutionary feature about this building is that each unit is a suite complete with separate living, eating, and sleeping quarters and a personal kitchenette. Many other special features were added to this building including two elevators, a graceful architectural stair, large dining area with views into the courtyard, generous seating areas, spacious activities areas, convenient TV lounges, selected private balconies, way finding decors, and elaborate furnishings. There are available laundry, cosmetic, kitchen, and therapeutic bathing facilities. The residents have outdoor lounging and beautiful garden areas at their access. The design included ease of operations and security minded features in the layout.