The Principle Architect

Mark Donelson, AIA is the founder and president of Donelson Architecture, Inc. Subsequent to his degree in architecture from Iowa State University in 1974, he continued his internship in the employ of several mid-western firms until his licensure in 1981. After moving to Colorado that year, Mark worked for several local firms gaining a diversity of experience in commercial and residential projects of various types and sizes. Since establishing Donelson Architecture in 1983, Mark became licensed in numerous states and worked on a variety of projects in Iowa, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Nebraska, Oregon, Arizona, and California.

Beginning in his school years, Mark demonstrated a keen interest in evolving energy conscious technologies and philosophies and their integration into architecture. He has developed and utilized his expertise to create a multitude of projects that benefit from eco-friendly considerations. He continues to round his education of passive and active solar design, green building and “LEED” principles and offer these services as standard practice.

Mark has extensive “hands on” experience with the building process as well. He has worked as a laborer, developed, constructed, and remodeled numerous projects. He considers this an extension of the design process that gives an invaluable insight to methods, materials and efficiencies in the final product that is not taught in school or appreciated behind a desk.

He considers each project as a continuation of his education. Mark routinely rounds his knowledge with continuing education courses and events on relevant topics. He is a long standing member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, and various civic organizations.