The Typical Process

  • An initial, no cost, meeting is scheduled to discuss the scope of the project, possible design concepts, budget considerations, review the existing conditions and/or land features.
  • A proposal for design services is submitted.
  • For remodeling and addition projects, existing conditions are surveyed, recorded, evaluated and documented as “as-built” drawings if existing drawings do not exist.
  • One or two alternative schemes are considered and presented in sufficient detail to convey the concept.  Adjustments are made as necessary.  Budgets are re-evaluated as necessary.
  • The selected concept is further developed as the refinement process begins the construction drawings.  The drawings are further reviewed and the budget is again re-evaluated.
  • Final construction drawings are completed.  The documents are final reviewed and checked.   Budgets are again re-evaluated as necessary.
  • The drawings are released to contractors for bidding and the eventual building permit process.
  • Additional services may include assistance during the bidding and the construction processes among others.