Firm Profile

Donelson Architecture was founded in 1983 with offices in Evergreen and Golden, Colorado.  During that time, we have been licensed in numerous states and worked on a variety of  projects in Iowa, Illinois, New York, Florida, Texas, Missouri, Utah, Georgia, Nebraska, Oregon, Arizona, and California.

We provide complete architectural services for a wide diversity of styles and project types of all sizes.  We do not specialize in any particular style or project type.   We are flexible enough to direct our talent and skills to meet the demands and expectations of our clients.

Over the years, we have maintained a continuous presence in Golden residing in various buildings of our own design.   We recently rescued and renovated a 135 year old building for our office facilities near the 12th Street Historic District of Golden.  Those efforts continue to receive many accolades from the community.   This building typifies our passion for indigenous and environmental consciousness.

Our firm has been committed to offering training opportunities to high school and college students.  We have employed numerous aspiring young architects that been given exposure to basic computer skills and other elements of our practice.   We challenge them to preform tasks to the level of their interest and comfort. Several of these pre-interns have gone on to complete their formal education and become successfully employed in the architectural profession. We are proud of our involvement with those students.